pastor & wife

Bishop Vince & Lady Tammy Smith

Pastor & First Lady

Bishop Vince Smith was born on April 4, 1067 to Diane Daniels and Albert L. Smith in Florence, AZ and Mrs. Tammy Smith were born to Virginia and Earl D. Choate on March 31, 1968 also in Florence, AZ.  Bishop Vince and Tammy Smith were both raised in Coolidge, AZ, and attended Coolidge High School.  They also attended Life Tabernacle Christian Church (A.K.A. as Azusa World Ministries), as children, underneath the leadership of Apostle Alfred and Dr. Beverly Craig.

On August 29, 1990 Bishop Vince and Mrs. Tammy Smith entered a marriage covenant and have been married now going on thirty years.  They have a beautiful blended family of 8 children and 21 grandchildren.  After facing a 15-year prison sentence, where God supernaturally turned Bishop Smith’s situation around, he began to heed to the call of God on his life, and both Bishop Smith and Tammy rededicated their lives to the Lord.  In 1994, Bishop Smith attended Azusa World Ministry Training Institute where he graduated in 1996 and received his Practical Theology Degree.  He also received his Associates Degree with Pacific Coast Bible College in Phoenix, AZ and his Bachelor’s Degree from Friends International Christian University.  Mrs. Smith also graduated in 1998 with her Practical Theology Degree from Azusa World Ministries Training Institute, as well as FICWFM Pastors for approximately eighteen years under the leadership of Apostle Fredrick K.C. Price.

In 1995, Bishop and Mrs. Smith became the Youth Pastor’s at Azusa World Ministries in Coolidge, AZ where they ministered effectively to youth and young adults.  In 1998 God promoted them and they became the local Pastors of Azusa World Ministries in Eloy AZ.   As a result of their faithfulness and commitment to the vision, they were later placed back in Coolidge as the local Pastors as well as Tucson, AZ. W here they traveled for approximately two years and then were later placed over the ministry in Casa Grande, AZ.

In 1999, Bishop and Mrs. Smith received the first “Spirit of Excellence” award for distinguished achievements from their Visionaries, Apostle Alfred and Dr. Beverly Craig.  Their diligence and commitment in the year of 2000 and 2004 also caused them to receive the “Pastor’s of the Year” award in which they give God all the glory.  February 27, 2011 Bishop and Mrs. Smith launched the vision of New Destiny Christian Center, where they desire to build and empower people of purpose, destiny, hope and vision.

God has given them a special assignment here in Pinal county, to take the word of faith and promote the spirit of excellence in the lives of men and women of God, to cause families to be committed to God and raise the level of faith and expectation to a higher standard for the glory of God.  Bishop Smith has a unique flow of preaching, teaching, and delivering the word of God and is very transparent and effective in releasing the word.   Pastor and Mrs. Smith both credit their success to the Lord Jesus Christ, their parents, their children, Spiritual Pastors as well as the Pastor’s Team, Ministry of Helps Team and all of the entire family of New Destiny Christian Center.